Add Photos to
Google My Business
with a text message

We text you a reminder. No login required!

Google Wants Your Photos

Your potential customers demand visual reinforcement before they shop with you, but they're not the only ones; Google uses photo engagement to help rank your business in local search.

But Your Team Is Busy

Getting your location managers to take a photo, login to GoogleMyBusiness or download and open the app, then post the photo is harder than getting them to ask customers for reviews. As an additional inconvenience, each location manager has to have access to your entire GoogleMyBusiness listing in order to do so, which means you have to manage this access when people join or leave your team.

Let's make this easy and fun!

Our system texts your people a simple reminder they can respond to without having to login to Google (or even be granted access to Google) to upload a photo. With our per-user/location reporting, you can choose to incentivize your team for adding photos however you choose. After all, if Joe Manager uploads 10 pictures a month and those pictures are seen by 1000s of people, helping you outpace your competition, why not reward Joe? How many photos would your stores upload if you held a monthly contest among your staff?

-How it works-

You set the frequency.

We will text you/your location manager a reminder to add a photo every week, every month, every 3 days, or whatever you choose.

You don't have to wait for a reminder, you can text a photo any time you want!

Take the real photo your customers want to see.

If you're like us, you scroll through dozens of photos on Google to get to the 'real' ones and then decide if you want to drive over. No photo shoot required here, just take a picture with your phone or choose an existing image on your phone.

No authorization required

Simply text the image to the same number that texted you and you're done. You no longer have to worry about giving people access to your GMB listing or logging in yourself!

It couldn't be easier!

Your photo is live on Google and ready for your potential customers to see! You can send as many photos as you want as often as you like.