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For certain types of businesses, Local Services Ads (LSAs) offered by Google are one of the most effective ways to generate qualified leads. Your LSAs only show up in your service area, you build trust with the "Google Guaranteed / Screened" badge, and you only pay if the lead calls or messages you directly from the ad. Steady Demand and our Exclusive Google LSA Managed Partners team will get your account set up and manage these ads for you!

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Highly recommend! Crystal at Steady Demand has done an awesome job optimizing, increasing lead flow, monitoring, and fixing issues within our Local Service Ads account. She is very knowledgeable with the Local Service Ads platform and is on top of every problem that comes in.

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Frequently Asked Local Services Ads Questions

How do I get listed in the top 3?
Improve your reviews, radius, and response time. Keep your business open 24/7 with a dispatcher answering calls after hours. Maintain a clean complaint record and regularly add photos to your profile.
How do I get more leads?
Get more reviews on both LSA and Google. Implement a higher bidding strategy. Move leads from active to booked properly.
Do I need both Google and LSA reviews?
Yes, both types of reviews are essential for a successful LSA campaign.
How do I get "booked" listed in my profile?
Move leads around properly and connect your LSA account to a CRM like Service Titan
Can I have multiple LSA accounts?
Yes, each location needs its own address and Google Business Profile, which must be verified by the LSA team.
What happens if we do not see improvement?
If you do not see improvement in roughly 90 days and we know we cannot do anything to cause an improvement, we will ask you to pause your campaign with us.
What is a valid lead?
These are calls or messages that are in your designated service locations, match your selected service types, and have been on the phone for at least 30 seconds.
Are there any hidden fees?
Absolutely not. We offer transparent pricing and work month-to-month with all of our clients. You pay a flat monthly fee and you will pay Google directly with your own credit card for the ads. We are a Google Managed Partner which means that Google trusts us - so can you!