Google Reinstatement (GMB) My Business Listing Assurance

Protect your Google My Business listing from malicious edits and be prepared for a  GMB Reinstatement after a  Google My Business suspension. 

It is part of your daily routine, monitor Google My Business listing/profiles for edits from malicious SEO companies or competitors?

It happens...

Hours get changed, your category is changed from a Personal Injury Lawyer to a Law Book Store, your legal business name is changed without your permission.

Or even worse...

Worse than that you are getting suspended multiple times after a Google Reinstatement. And the GMB suspension reinstatement process is long and painful. Or, you have been declined a Google My Business (GMB) reinstatement for no reason!

We've got you covered

We will monitor your Google My Business profiles for changes to:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Telephone
  • Hours
  • Primary Category
  • Website
  • Being Live or Suspended
  • Attribute Changes

In the case your business listing is suspended we will be ready, we will notify you and then we will start the process of getting your Google My Business profile reinstated for free.

Additionally, we will backup all aspects of Google My Business, including but not limited to Posts, Reviews, Q&A, and Customer Images.

Also, you get 13 months og GMB insights and a free account to text an image to GMB via a reminder.


The best part

The best part of all this, you will have a Google My Business Gold Product Expert in your corner. We know what Google needs to see to get reinstated.

google my business gold product expert

We do not have magic powers, but we can make sure that if you are a real business that you have all the documentation in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. We do specialize in Lawyers and service area businesses. However, if you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are within the guidelines then we can take you on as a client. We have specific guidelines when it comes to gathering evidence. During our initial call, we will go over these, if you cannot become compliant we will decline to do business.

We can consult with you on Google reinstatement compliance. When you are in compliance we can then assist you. 

While we do not control Google, we have a 100% reinstatement rate. This is because we know what Google needs and we do all of the legwork upfront to validate your business and collect all the information needed to get reinstated before it happens.

The average reinstatement will take about a week. This can vary based on how busy Google is, along with other factors. But, we make your case a priority.

Of course, you can, but why would you want to? Google support will sometimes outright deny you, even though you were reinstated before. We know what Google wants, how they need information presented and can fight for you.

If a third party suggests an edit, we will detect the incoming update and discard it (that usually shows as a orange change in the dashboard), you will not need to do anything.

If you want to change your monitored data, just send us the updated information and we will make the changes for you.

We will detect those changes and reinstate the proper information.

No, there is an initial consultation fee to get all the information we need for a GMB reinstatement request.

The monthly fee is $79 per location. There is a no reinstatement fee, if you are suspended.

We will work with you to ensure we have the proper evidence to show Google for Google My Business ( GMB )  reinstatement of your suspended business listing.

We will monitor your business listing daily to ensure it is active, update attributes as they become available, and discard any fraudulent changes attempted by third parties.

If your business listing becomes suspended, we will begin the process for Google reinstatement immediately with your confirmation. As with any effort made to compel a third party to act, we can not guarantee that your business listing will be reinstated.

Steady Demand is recognized as Google My Business Experts

We’ve been featured in numerous outlets:

Our GMB was suspended a month ago, I felt absolutely helpless and could not gain any traction trying to get reinstated. We contacted Ben at Steady Demand and he went immediately into action to help us become reinstated. Ben’s guidance helped us to make all necessary changes and provide all the documents needed. We really appreciate all of his hard work on our behalf. I highly recommend Ben and Steady Demand. Listen to Ben’s advise he will navigate you through the tough time of having a suspension. He really is an expert and knows how to get your listing back online. There is hope with Steady Demand and Ben!! Local SEO Services
5 / 5

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I have worked with Ben for almost a year now. i have found him to be responsive and to do what he says he will. I recently had an issue which we worked through with google in which our listing was suspended. We got him involved and was able to get it resolved in an expeditious manner. I would recommend him 100 percent!

James Ponton

Business Owner