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Even the playing field in local search. Steady Demand specializes in Google My Business Fake Listing Spam Reporting. With a 96% success rate and GMB Platinum Product Experts on staff we will clean up your area on Maps. Call today to find out how this can be the easiest Local SEO win and most affordable.

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Even The Playing Field With Spam Reporting on Google Maps.

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“Spam Reporting” on Google My Business (GMB) refers to the process of alerting Google to fake or “spam” listings on Google Maps, as well as to identifying and reporting businesses that are not following Google’s guidelines, with the goal of having the listings corrected or removed.

Since the beginning of search...

Black hat SEOs have found ways to manipulate the results in their favor using tactics such as keyword stuffing, link exchanges, link farms, creating mass quantities of low-quality content, etc. While the tactics have evolved over time, it is still a problem today; and, it is especially rampant on Google maps, making it much more difficult for legitimate businesses and white hat SEOs to compete.

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Take back your business...

Spam Reporting can level the playing field by removing “bad actors” from Google maps.

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Steady Demand’s Spam Reporting Services are ideal for businesses in highly competitive service industries that are being drowned out by the sheer number of listings created by businesses that are either fake or not following the rules. 

We have found tremendous success in the following categories: 

  • Attorneys/Lawyers
  • Locksmiths
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Junk Removal
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Web Developers
  • HVAC
  • Real Estate

While not all businesses are a fit for our Spam Reporting Services, the ones that are a good fit often “move up” in Google maps once the fake listings are removed.

Don't sit back

Ideally, Google maps would only list legitimate businesses and your business would compete on its own merit; however, if you choose to sit back and let the spammers continue to thrive, you may find yourself pushed further and further down the results.


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Our Process


We give you a template Google Sheet and an extension for chrome that makes adding listings a breeze. If you do not want to make the list, just tell us the keywords and we will make it.


After we assemble the list we have a 6 point inspection that each listing is run through.


Once listings have been proven to be in violation of the GMB Guidelines we then submit the list. This part of the process can take up to two weeks.

After that, we keep an eye on the listings and if some are not removed we have ways of dealing with them.

Steady Demand is recognized as Google My Business Experts

We’ve been featured in numerous outlets:

"Today I can definitely say that our best SEO investment was working with Ben Fisher and steady Demand to remove more than 1,200 spam listings and the fight is still on. Yes I will say it again more than 1,200 spam listings in one metro in less than a year. As a business owner in the service industry we've never realized how much GMB spam we had around us and how it was badly damaging our visibility on Google Maps and in the organic SEO search. After we started working with Ben and removed hundreds of spam listings we almost tripled the amount of calls we were getting from our listing, in addition our organic SEO improved a lot since then. Thank you Ben and Christine for doing an amazing job and breaking the record of removing more than 1,200 spam listings in less than 1 year."


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I have worked with Ben for almost a year now. i have found him to be responsive and to do what he says he will. I recently had an issue which we worked through with Google in which our listing was suspended. We got him involved and was able to get it resolved in an expeditious manner. I would recommend him 100 percent!

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